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Championship Mercury Tournament Green 7ft Pool Table Felt

Championship LLC
List Price: $114.00
Price: $97.00
You Save: $17.00 (15%)
  # Worn on Amateur National Tournaments
  # Woolen Billiard Structure
  # Finished like a Worsted to be fastest woolen on the store

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Championship Mercury Tournament Green 7ft Pool Table Felt

Championship LLC

List Price: $114.00
Price: $97.00
You Save: $17.00 (15%)

Product Details

  • Worn on Amateur National Tournaments
  • Woolen Billiard Structure
  • Finished like a Worsted to be fastest woolen on the store

Customer Reviews

Not counting felt

Pool table rails, k66, k55, u23... which do I need?

Sep 06, 2008 by Pedobear | Posted in Snooker & Pool

I precisely got my hands on a Valley pool table and got a really good deal on it. It needs to be recovered with new felt and new rubber bumpers nevertheless and I don't know how to figure out what size I need.

The with greatest satisfaction way to determine the size of a used pool table is to actually measure the inside playing square footage.

The most appropriate way to determine the size of a used pool table is to actually measure the inside playing zone. The two most common sizes are a 44"x88" playing covering for a 4'x8' table and 50"x100" playing surface for a 4½'x 9' table.

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The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Billiards
336 pages
The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Billiards

Creator: Michael Ian Shamos | Games - 2002

So named because the striker should use this ball to "recover" his break, which would accept terminated on a SAFETY MISS. The shot is a ... (Eng. Bill.) The Splash located in the longitudinal center of the table and 12% inches from the TOP RAIL.
The Pilot and Philadelphia & Reading Railway Men The Pilot and Philadelphia & Reading Railway Men


—Yard Adept Bankhardt has entirely recovered from a protracted illness. -— Operators at day and tenebriousness ... We are glad to see him back again in railroad service, and to observe the boys lined up around the pool table. Ed. knows the game alright.
Paybacks Paybacks

Creator: Tim Boe | Fiction - 2009-12-16

He walked settled to the pool table and put a quarter on the rail. He made sure that Nick saw him. Then he went floor to ... his feet, which had been tied to the sawhorse. He noticed that Scarper seemed to have recovered from the electric 152 Tim Boe.