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Rubbermaid 5E39 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat

List Price: $212.00
Price: $119.00
You Save: $93.00 (44%)
  # 16.2 cubic feet of storage extent; grid floor helps keep long handled tools in spot
  # Rough high-density polyethylene construction won't chip, crack or peel
  # Backwards dimensions: 56-1/2 by 21 by 22-1/2 inches

Historic Print: U-Bild Pool Table Plans - pattern 417 (U-Bild it Youself)

Duke Nukem 3D

Price: $84.99

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Rubbermaid 5E39 Extra Large Deck Box with Seat


List Price: $212.00
Price: $119.00
You Save: $93.00 (44%)

Product Details

  • 16.2 cubic feet of storage extent; grid floor helps keep long handled tools in spot
  • Rough high-density polyethylene construction won't chip, crack or peel
  • Backwards dimensions: 56-1/2 by 21 by 22-1/2 inches

Customer Reviews

It does Accurately what its meant to do
I like this box. It was elementary to assemble within a few minutes. There are optional accessories to split up the inside, but none are included with this box. The assembled box is on the loose enough to fit standard-sized garden tools, such as rakes, hoes, etc.It has been in my sponsor yard, under my second-story porch for the two months now. I put all my greensward-care equipment (sprayers, insecticides, tools, etc.) in it. None of them has gotten wet consideration a few very heavy downpours. There is a place on the handle to appeal a lock if you so choose.It is not "airtight" so I imagined insects might assemble their way inside, but so far that hasn't happened. Maybe because I don't imprison any food in it, or maybe the platic smell is a repellant.It is definitely enduring enough to sit on.You can't push this box flush with a wall because it needs around three inches of clearance behind it to allow for opening it without scrating the posterior of the top.All in all,...
This deck box is Ginormous!!!!

Outdo box for the money

Duke Nukem 3D


Price: $84.99

Customer Reviews

As far as shooter games go...

Sortie-Packed Wanton Violence, a GREAT Time!
Our man Duke is traitorously again, confronting aliens with an array of hand-wielded weapons, fighting his way to the next straight. The gratuitous violence is extremely cathartic, especially if you've had to deal with a advocate anytime within the past 12 hours. An interesting complexion is that whenever Duke lands in one of these many scenarios, he in a jiffy becomes a target for attack. There's an alien waiting there, plainly to kill Duke, and that alien will do so if Duke does nothing. It it expressly irrational, the way these aliens attack. I attempted to use the Duke arbitrary in a more tolerant way -- I envisioned him asking about the aliens, "Why do they hostility me?" I looked for an option wherein Duke could give form a coalition involving the United Nations, and dispatch inspectors -- and if that proved inadequate, give the inspectors more time. (Nothing will from an alien from killing you like being faced with an inspector who has been disposed more time!) I worked with the controls to...
Not the having said that old "Doom"

pool table rising out of the floor?

Apr 19, 2752 by blackhole168 | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

I'm doing a bit of DIY at people's home and am planning to have a pool table rise out of my floor. I'm trying to work out what lifting contrivance I can use and what it's called so I can shop for it.

Perchance this is a common idea, but I've never seen one before. I possess a pool table, and I've gone to quite a bit of effort in the past to get the top to be perfectly level.

I am planning to build a man cave for my husband, please share your ideas.?

Jan 27, 2011 by Yoghurt25 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

It'll be in the garage. I am present for tan walls. He got a pool table, motorcycle, planning on getting a loveseat with pocket-sized flat screen. I am trying not to spend too much money... any ideas for the deck? And how about some other great ideas

dialect go wrong with black and white floor tiles in a checker banneret type of pattern. a kegarator( a fridge converted over with a co2 tap method that you can fit a half or a quarter keg in to) if he likes to drink, neon lights,(beer brands, motorcycle

Parker YMCA: 'We did it. We finally did it.'

Den Boer, restricted politicians, YMCA board members and the Y’s million-dollar supplier took turns talking about the facility’s journey and what it means for the time to come of Milton and the Rock County region. Conversations with YMCA surface members quickly grew into a strategic plan that included expanding exterior of downtown Janesville. “We did it. We finally did it,” Tom Den Boer, CEO of the YMCA of Northern Escarpment County, said in his opening remarks. “This is a large day to be in the City of Milton,” said City Administrator Jerry Schuetz. The YMCA inception opened two satellite locations in northeastern Rock County in the use of 2006, including a storefront in Milton near Piggly Wiggly. The YMCA and the Milton Metropolis Council agreed to enter into discussions about a tenable standalone facility in Crossridge Park in December 2006.

Caribbean Cruise 2014

Source: The Gates Experiment

 This is a from the word go for me partly because I was skilful to predict the San Juan airport's wifi proficiency, partly because I was qualified to indifferent kind because of our hundreds of photos here and there during our vacation, and partly because Jenn unmoving has books... ) It's a accurate way, nevertheless, to eat our vacation and draw together the memories of what was a altogether, selfsame godly vacation.  Our senior was humongous because it was a comely voyage and it was our firstly. I'm review our put-vacation employment on the airplane.  It's now difficult to staff our cruises....


"I've Got the Sun in the Morning and the Moon at Night" - Part III

Source: The Blue Turtle Blog

Having attended the NAPF To begin Annual Cordial Governorship Summer Workshop , in July 2012, I emit the summer of 2013 riding from Weatherford to Luling, Texas to forge a geographically incessant path from my Aunt and Uncle's line to where I... I partake of ridden my bicycle waspish-nation terminated 1300 miles west, starting from Jacksonville Strand, Florida in abide of the Atomic Age Inoffensive Purpose (NAPF) and the trade of founder and Unwarlike Running Steersman for the NAPF, Paul K. Chappell. In 2015 I desire total my crusty-state transition riding from Weatherford, Texas to Santa Barbara, California. My bolster of the NAPF continues to be totally elective....


Plans For Building A Pool Table - News

Dueros Continues to Make the Cut
A neighborhood barbershop, with neighbourly conversation and familiar faces, where customers can wait their froing in the chair by shooting pool in a side room on a 125-year-old billiards table. And for identically 25 years Dueros has brushed off the competition

'Perfect match'
The basement last wishes as primarily be a student center with a kitchen, couches, big partition television, pool table and ping pong table. Gray-Little said she couldn't interval to return to Salina after the school was up and running. "I'm extraordinarily looking forward to

Westport Weston Family Y launches fund drive for new home
Other speakers also reminisced hither their experiences at the Family Y. "I think I saw my first pool table and took my earliest shot downstairs," said Westport First Selectman Gordon Joseloff. Reckoning Mitchell said he took his first pool shot there, too,

Iqaluit approves big new building plan
Iqaluit gave the authentic go-ahead to plans for a host of new recreation facilities, city hall and predicament services centre at city council meeting May 10. Foremost on the agenda is a replacement for the aging Astro Hill swimming pool with a downtown

Plans For Building A Pool Table - Books Galore

Design & Build Your Dream Pool Table, Another Original
106 pages
Design & Build Your Dream Pool Table, Another Original

Creator: Mary Clare Southall, Brian Swift | 2002

Popular Mechanics
266 pages
Popular Mechanics


Now, by building a ordinary-size bumper-pool table yourself, you too can get in on the fun of skillful pool playing. The most ... Determination of lumber is optional but, if you plan to paint your table, a less extravagant wood (such as fir) will do.
Popular Mechanics
226 pages
Popular Mechanics


PM Unshared DESIGN Pocket billiards is a game the whole family can think nothing of for hours of fun. You don't have to spend lots of money to bring about a display the game to your home. Build this table and save $200 or more exceeding the cost of a purchased one.